Mission: Empowering the Wisconsin Parkinson’s community through support, education, and mind/body programs.

Welcome! Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative disease resulting in the loss of dopamine production. Dopamine is the neuro-transmitter responsible for aiding in body movements. Symptoms include slowness of movement, tremor, muscle stiffness and postural instability. To date, there is no cure. The mission of the Wisconsin Chapter of the APDA is to “Ease the Burden, to Find the Cure.” We do this by providing support and empowering people with Parkinson’s disease, their families, and caregivers through education, fundraising for research, sponsoring support groups, and networking with resource and referral agencies involved in the care of people with Parkinson’s disease throughout Wisconsin.

New Address!

The American Parkinson Disease Association Wisconsin Chapter recently moved! Our new address is: 5900 Monona Drive Suite 407, Monona WI 53716. Here is a picture of what the outside building looks like so you can easily find the new location.  Call Jordan today to come check out the new office at (608) 345-7938!

water tower outside

Support Groups

Here are some of the next presentations for the support groups that have decided to have speakers at each month’s meeting. There is no need to RSVP, just show up the day of the event.

Upcoming Presentations

Sun Prairie Group: 301 Blankenheim Lane, Sun Prairie WI, 1-2pm
Monday August 22nd: Eric Deml- How do I get long term care insurance?
Monday September 26th: General Sharing with the group- Positive and Negatives of PD                                  Monday October 24th: Corinne Jones- Swallowing Difficulties with Parkinson’s
Monday November 28th: Curt Campbell- Physical Therapy and Exercise for Parkinson’s
Monday December 26th: No Meeting

Asbury Support Group: 6101 University Ave, Madison WI, 2:45-4pm
Wednesday August 17th: Jean Kalscheur- Vision Loss- What’s normal or not with Parkinson’s?
Wednesday September 21st: Cancelled due to World Parkinson’s Congress                                  Wednesday October 19th: Cheri Milton- Coping with Holiday Stress
Wednesday November 16th: Trisch Schleicher- CPR and Choking Class
Wednesday December 21st: Holiday Potluck with General Sharing

Upcoming Events- Save the dates! Parkinson Optimism Walk

 August 28, 2016

Warner Park: 1625 Northport Drive, Madison WI 53704

The Wisconsin Chapter’s annual walkathon is part of APDA’s national fundraising effort supporting scientific research to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Net proceeds will benefit Parkinson’s disease research approved by the APDA Scientific Advisory Board and support local programs through the APDA Wisconsin Chapter. Everyone can join in the quest as participants, cheering sections, sponsors, and contributors.

It is a family day that will make a difference in the lives of those living with Parkinson’s disease. We will be having an outdoor walk this year at Warner Park starting at 11am. We will be meeting at the “colorful shelter.”  The day will consist of a one mile walk, raffle, cookout, and great music with a DJ! If you can’t join us that day for the event, register as a virtual walker and continue to support the cause!  To register, Click HERE! 


Moving Forward- October 1st event cancelled

The APDA Wisconsin Chapter was planning to have a run/walk in Dousman, Wisconsin on October 1, 2016. However, the APDA Wisconsin Chapter has decided to not hold the Moving Forward event this year as the board is focusing on recruiting and restructuring at this time.The current website (located in events tab/Moving Forward) is purely a donation website and the funds raised continue to help individuals affected by Parkinson’s disease. Thank you for your patience and continued support of those affected by Parkinson’s disease in the state of Wisconsin.

Letter from APDA President, Sheryl Hursh

One of the many pleasures of working with the APDA Wisconsin Chapter is developing
relationships with class and event participants and volunteers. About a year ago, Maggie
Balistreri-Clarke wanted to get more involved with our exercise programs. Maggie had recently
retired from her position as vice president for Student Development at Edgewood College after
21 years. I invited Maggie to visit the PD Rhythm class I teach at Harbor Athletic Club in
Middleton. PD Rhythm works to build agility, balance, and strength through basic dance steps,
weight training, and team building activities. Almost immediately after becoming a weekly
volunteer in PD Rhythm, Maggie developed a close relationship with one of the class
participants, Marlys. Marlys joined our Monday exercise group in January. At first, her
movement was tentative, but with Maggie’s physical and emotional support Marlys began to
develop bigger and more fluid movement. With Maggie’s assistance, Marlys has been able to
work on specific exercises that better meet her fitness goals. It has been a joy to watch the two
of them working and growing together. Maggie has been with PD Rhythm for almost a year now
and she recently began volunteering in two other exercise programs sponsored by the APDA
Wisconsin Chapter: rowing and PWR!.

It is so important to the mission of our chapter to have volunteers like Maggie. Each of our
fundraising events and our annual symposium require hours of preparation and execution. The
success of these activities depends on the generous time of many volunteers. Please consider
volunteering for one of our upcoming events and help us to continue providing outstanding
support and opportunity to our Parkinson’s community.
Sheryl Hursh
APDA Wisconsin Chapter President

“Attending the PD dance/exercise classes has taught me a lot about the challenges of PD and
how exercise can be so very beneficial – both physically and emotionally. I’ve so enjoyed the
laughter, teasing and sense of community. I have found the participants in PD classes to be very
warm and welcoming in all of my encounters thus far. I have met many marvelous people and I
look forward to continuing to find ways to promote and support exercise for PD.”- Maggie

Contact Us

Contact Us

Wisconsin Chapter Of The American Parkinson Disease Association

P.O. BOX 7513
Madison, WI 53707-7513
Phone: 608-345-7938
E-Mail: chapter@wichapterapda.org
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