Is snoring a sign of something more serious?

While snoring might not always indicate something bad is going on, the possibility of an illness is there.

For example, there are lots of people who suffer from sleep apnea that snore. There are also many people who have allergies that do as well.

People who are overweight then to snore. This is so because the fat piles around their throat. This causes their airway to get smaller.

Usually the only solution here is lifestyle changes. Changing your diet and losing weight can make a very huge difference in a short amount of time.

A lot of people ask, is snoring a sign of heart disease? The answer to this question is, not always. However, someone who snores should definitely get tested to find out if its benign of not.

A lot of people who have this problem complain a lot about not feeling fully rested when they wake up.

Sometimes they don’t even know they snore because they sleep by themselves. In this case that tiredness might be a sign of something bad going on.

If you have a camera if might be beneficial to record yourself while you sleep. This will help you figure out the severity of your snoring.

The next best thing to do is go get a sleep study done. Their will record you with all kinds of body sensors to measure your bodies activity.

Bottom line is, don’t ignore snoring. It might be the best clue to ensuring you live a long and healthy life.

Snoring and Parkinson are linked and can be dangerous

There have recently been some studies conducted that have found an indirect link between snoring and Parkinson. The daytime sleepiness aspect of Parkinson also causes some people to suffer from snoring. This can be dangerous if its also associated with sleep apnea. 71% of the patient test sample group showed snoring during the test. This is a very important pattern to identify in people as it can save many lives. The treatment for snoring can sometimes be relatively simple. The use of a cpap machine is the most common. It keeps the air way pressure high which in turn keeps it open. Other times something as simple as a mouth guard is used.

If you or someone you know suffers from this, urge them to take care of this issue immediately. Also make sure they follow through with all of their treatment. One simple treatment can save a life.