Our risk factors for bad medical conditions increase as we get older. Even worse, these risk factors skyrocket when people have bad habits like smoking or consuming alcohol.

Walking or in some cases even light jogging is a recommend regiment for older people. The amount of healthy sleep you get every night matters too. The time we spend awake is not nearly as important as all of the time you speed asleep.

There are some rebuilding and cleaning processes that take place during this time inside your body. The brain is the main thing responsible for running this and other processes.

Problems can be create with just in night of sleep loss. Its known that Parkinson Disease relates to the brain, there is a chance that lack of sleep may trigger it or advance it.

Most people don’t know that when you lose sleep, you get it back. Its gone. This was recently learned from Berkeley’s research.

How to improve your health

There are situations where your health may be not so hot from all the bad habits acquired over time. This will definitely work against you. The good thing here however is that you can adjust any bad habit. It won’t happen over night but it can be done. Below you will find a video with some basic tips.

Things you might find mundane such as brushing your teeth and washing your hair matter a lot. You have about 100 million germs crawling inside your mouth every day.

If these are not cleaned out every day, bad germs are swallowed. Don’t forget to get a new toothbrush every so often. The germs build up on these over time.

Hair can also carry germs. This is the perfect place for dead skin cells to gather up. You want to keep your hair clean. Germs are good however too many of them isn’t so good.