As humans get older and older we start building up risk factors for serious medical issues. Things are even more exacerbated when bad habits are in place such as the consumption of smoking and alcohol.

Its usually recommended that older people take up a walking regiment to keep them moving. Its also very important to have healthy sleeping habits. The time we spend asleep is even more important than the time we are awake.

This is when your body does some cleaning and rebuilding. Its mainly your brain that is running all kinds of tasks and commanding the body to do things.

Just one night of sleep loss can create all kind of problems. Being that Parkinson Disease is a brain thing, its possible that lack of sleep might have something to do with it.

Once you lose sleep, you cannot catch up. Its lost. This is something we have learned from Berkeley’s research.

How to improve your health

Sometimes your health might be in bad condition because of bad habits. This is not good. The good news however is that habits can be changed. It might be hard, but with a bit of work, things can change. Check out this cool video we found that has some times for doing this.

Simple every day things such as brushing your teeth and washing your hair are very important. Did you know that you have about 100 million germs in your mouth on a daily basis?

If you don’t wash these out you are building up lots of bad germs that you then swallow. Don’t forget to get a brand new tooth brush as well. These will have a lot a germs are time goes on.

Your hair all will carry germs. Also things like dead skin cells reside there. Its important to remove these. Germs are good but when there is an excess of them it can he bad for your well being.