Devices and appliances used to treat snoring are becoming mainstream

Very recently there was an article on a large news site that talked about how astonishing it was to cure certain type of snoring with a mouth piece. Its seems that the writer of the article did not know about this solution. To us folks in the medical industry that spend some time online know that its not secret you can treat snoring with these medical devices. I wonder if they will be equally astonished when they learn about snoring strips of cpap machines.

This really highlights the problems with society. A solution that has been out for a long time get virtually 0 news coverage. Imagine all of the people that might have been able to find said solution sooner and relieved themselves of these annoying symptoms.

If it wasn’t for the internet, where would we be? Imagine the times before the internet where the only way to find a cure was by going to your doctor. TV channels should provide a way to spread the word about cures for the greater good. In the end who does not want their fellow humans to be healthy?

This really makes you wonder, how many other cures exist out there and the people suffering have no idea that they would be solved of even improved?

So what to do you think? Do you think the government should mandate something to help spread the work about cures?

Here are some quick cures by the way:

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