Snoring and Parkinson are linked and can be dangerous

In the news there have recently been some studies conducted that found a link that indirectly makes a connection between snoring and Parkinson.

People with Parkinson experience daytime sleepiness which is potentially causes snoring at night. There is a lot of danger involved if its also observed with another disorder called sleep apnea.

71% of the patients in the study test sample group exhibited some sort of snoring while they were sleeping for the test. Just by identifying this pattern matters a lot since it has potential to save lives.

Most treatment for snoring in most cases is pretty straight forward. A type of machine called the cpap machine is a super common solution. It ensures the air way is under pressure which keeps it open while sleeping. More often than not though, a simple mouth guard is used and provides relief.

If you know anyone who suffers from this, tell them to go speak to a doctor immediately. Make sure they actually start and continue with their treatment. This is important and could save their life.

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